Considerations Before Judgement

Yikes. I had an unsatisfied customer who apparently wanted a thesis for an email reading. She said “Was not very happy with the reading very short and not much detail very disappointing.”

I rarely had an unsatisfied customer, except for the times when Saturn was in retrograde and on the Ascendant. That was way before I started learning horary and using consultation chart. Since then, I have learnt about the considerations before passing a judgement and actively avoided any consultations or questions where Saturn or Mars is in the Ascendant or worse still where a debilitated malefic is in the 10th.

I was surprised therefore when I received the above feedback. She asked for a “general” reading (oh, how I dislike them). I relooked at the chart. Yikes. For a general reading, the 7th house isn’t the focus of the reading, and Lord 7 is severely debilitated! It is in Aquarius – peregrine, conjuncts the South Node and is in retrograde! A triple whammy to me!

Here’s Lilly’s actual words:

You must also be wary, when in any question propounded you find the Cusp of the seventh house afflicted, or the Lord of that house Retrograde, or impeded, and the matter at that time not concerning the seventh house, but belonging to any other house, it’s an argument the judgement of the Astrologer will give small content, or anything please the Querent; for the seventh house generally has signification of the Artist.

Big note to self. Thank God. Actually, I dodged a potential bullet just now. There was another question on pregnancy and children, not involving the 7th and the 7th is the Mars that was mentioned earlier! I suppose the person would dislike my response to her:

I could be wrong – it seems that there was a medical treatment relating to having children. maybe about 1 year (more likely) or 1 month ago. I would have thought the treatment/procedure was successful.
As you can appreciate, this is an extremely delicate and sensitive question and medical professionals should always be consulted instead of psychics. I won’t be able to tell you something that the doctors have not told you. On the basis, I have not looked further into the future for you as I feel it would be irresponsible for me to do so.
I refunded her the payment.

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