Full Moon on Mercury

I have transiting Saturn making an opposition to natal Mercury. The recent full Moon fell directly on Mercury. Just one day before the full Moon, I “swallowed” a sneeze and felt a sharp pain in my throat. It hurts! It was only days later when I found out that my experience wasn’t unusual. In fact, there was a person in Australia who was rushed into emergency as he made a hole in his throat because he withheld a sneeze!

Constriction in my speaking ability as well as my ears being affected certainly describes Mercury-Saturn to me. It didn’t help that Mercury is in my first house of the physical body which conjuncts Mars as well.


I realized that there’s been a flurry of Mercurial related activities since the full Moon. They include (not exhaustive):

  • Sending off an assignment with a focus on communication and receiving feedback on it within 2 weeks from the full Moon
  • Thoughts of changing my accent
  • Enrolled for a new astrological course
  • I will conduct 3 music workshops within a month from the full Moon
  • Signing of contracts
  • Doing 2 to 10 readings a day
  • It’s the time of my overnight duty as a listener with a charitable organization


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