Mars Trine Saturn – Transit

Mars. Think energy, think making things happen.

Saturn. Think discipline, focus, concentration, work.

When you combine the two planets together in a smooth trine, what do you get? Focused and concentrated energy to make things happen. Patient, disciplined energy with the capacity to work meticulously, and painstakingly. This is great for detailed work or excruciatingly work that you usually find painful, unless you have the Mars-Saturn configuration natally, then you might be well-used to it anyway.

Mars acts as a trigger too. It activates things and events in your life, especially those long transits and progressions. In its best manifestation, Saturn represents accomplishment, rewards and promotions, usually in the material world. So, any of the foregoing could be activated during this transit.

If you are someone with anger issues, you might be more serious and focused on how you express and direct your anger during this time too.

This can be a good time to get into physical training as it fits into the symbols of Mars and Saturn very well.

In terms of sexual urge, especially for men, I wonder whether there’s the capacity for erhemm, endurance in sex. Guess there’s only one way to find out.

What about trine aspect? Using the house approach, it is a 5th house and 9th house aspect. How does that factor into the interpretation?

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