Mercury Cycle of a Child

Let’s interpret the Mercury cycle, which is between 4 to 12 years, of this child whom we will call Abby.

Mercury is in Libra. So, there’s a focus on being agreeable, cooperative, weighing pros and cons, communicative. This is quite a change from the Moon cycle where Saturn is just next to the Moon – reserved, cautious, withheld, serious. It doesn’t make it easier that the Moon is in Virgo – attention to details, selective, conscious about hygiene and health. Mercury and the Moon are in the natal 6th house. So, there wouldn’t be a change – working, productive living, serving others are likely to continue to be a theme in Abby’s life.

Mercury rules the 2nd, 3rd and 6th, Saturn and Moon. Writing, studying, communication could be Abby’s talents which are put to work everyday. Books as possessions obtained through work.

Mercury conjuncts Mars – active, energetic, fights cordially with words and logic, stimulated learning, assertive with words. Learns quickly. Loves reading and ideas. Mars rules the 7th and intercepted 12th. A secret sweetheart or having secret admirers perhaps.

Mercury trines Neptune. Imaginative, sensitive, likes to daydream, creative with words and thoughts. Interested in spiritual stuff or fantasy e.g. fairies, Harry Potter. Words can have multi meanings which can be too subtle. Neptune in 11th. Having imaginary friends. Friends are not who they seem to be. Friends with small and big animals and servants/helpers/nanny if any (Neptune disposed by Saturn in 6th and Uranus in 12th). Friends are giving, healing for her.


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