Mercury Cycle of a Child – Astrology

According to Lois Haines Sargent in her book How to Handle Your Human Relations, a child is symbolized by his Mercury between the ages of four to 12. Let’s see whether there’s any truth to this by interpreting the chart below.

Mercury is in Cancer. Sensitive, imaginative, withdrawn, caring, oriented towards home and family.

Mercury rules 1st and 4th. So, home, family, father, his family background will form a big part of his life during this time.

Mercury is disposed by Moon in Aquarius in 9th. Moon symbolizes upbringing, childhood and mum. There’s freedom and an unconventional childhood or upbringing. Mum is unconventional.

Mercury trines MC. At this age, the MC usually represent a parent rather than career or future. Where’s this parent? MC ruler is Jupiter in the 4th. Parent is the dad or someone from the family e.g. grandparents. Whoever it is, the kid gets along well with that person.

Mercury is squared by Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 4th. Read on its own, it could mean learning difficulties or difficulties in studies. A slow learner. But not over slow of difficult due to Jupiter. Jupiter rules 10th and 7th. There’s some boundaries between relating to parent – mum (10th) and to others on a one-to-one basis (7th) possibly because of uncomfortable feelings (8th) and ? (9th).

How about if we use midpoints of Mercury?

  • NN-ASC: Desire and the inclination to seek and receive mental stimuli, demonstration of interests. Sharing the same thoughts with others, studies.
  • Moon-Uranus: Intuition, a person with ideas, great mental activity.


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