Sexual Urge In Horoscope

After thinking about sex in the horoscope for the entire morning, it just struck me on the position of the sex planets i.e. the house locations.

I suppose using horary or traditional astrology techniques, the accidental dignity of a planet is important. For example, a straight woman has Venus, as a general significator for sexual urge in straight women, in Taurus which suggests that her sexual urge is strong. What if her Venus is in the 12th house of all hidden things and isolation? Or that she prefers the solitary masturbation than copulation. Besides, Venus is in a cadent house which suggests that she has little power or control to activate her sexual urge. I know I’m being too direct and coarse in my language. But hey, I have only got a few minutes to complete this post.

Let’s say we have a extremely fine soccer player. The creme de la creme. He’s a striker and can win so many goals for his team. BUT, he is locked up in prison now because he got into a stupid row with someone and killed someone the night before. So, yes, we have a winning stallion but he is locked up and can’t perform for the team. What use is him? Yeah, you are right. No use at all.

So, it’s the same as Venus in Taurus in the 12th. Potentially high sex drive but can’t really act on it, whether in reality or in one’s own self-perception. So, perhaps we should consider the accidental dignity of sexual planets to see if a person is asexual or whatever label(s) he/she chooses.

Mars in Cancer or Libra. For a man, you would imagine that the sexual urge is low ??? BUT, if Mars is in an angular house, he can do loads! He is able to act on his impulses.

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