Mercury Conjunct Mars – Transit

This was a productive day in terms of studies and writing. Jim wrote quite a lot of posts on lunar transits. He completed the first draft of his thesis. He did extensive practising on his musical instrument today too – this certainly fits into the symbolism of Mercury-Mars.

There were communication of contracts that he signed previously. Correction. The contracts that he signed previously went “live” within a day from the perfection of the transit.

Let’s look at the house rulerships in detail:

Mars rules Jim’s 11th and 6th house. It’s interesting that there were no contact with friends (11th). Or could it be that Jim has unconsciously made some friends and are unaware of that. In a way, I suppose he was working away on his hopes and wishes (11th) in the area of his thesis and piano which did feel like drudgery to him.

This transit isn’t that foreign to Jim as natally, Mercury conjuncts Mars.


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