August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse

Yesterday was an emotionally challenging day for me. I was like there’s nothing astrologically affecting me. Hmmm, it turns out that the solar eclipse contacted my Moon, planet of feelings, emotions, etc.I didn’t consider that previously due to a technical point – orbs for those in the know.

Anyway, what’s this new start in Leo about? I flipped to my trusty Brady, a book, “If this eclipse affects you, the person will experience the sudden collapse of plans or life-styles. Confusion may reign but the long-term effects are those of rebuilding and transformation. After the dust has settled, the rebuilding starts and the consequences of this reshaping will have far-reaching effects.” 

Oh deary me. What’s MY take on it? A new beginning relating to what was being contacted in the natal chart. The beginning involves communication or anything involving words, ideas or thoughts with other people about large projects, desire for power, transformation of wealth or long-term plans. Any changes are likely to come unexpectedly or suddenly. On top of that, (romantic) relationships or artistic associations go through the lens of reality and possible restructuring if required.

Hmmm, let’s see how this eclipse pans out over the coming months.

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