When will the Parents Leave the House?

Moon signifies the parents. It trines Saturn, ruler of 5th and 6th in 1 degree 8 arc. Moon is in a succedent house and in a fixed sign. Saturn is in retrograde. So, within an hour and 8 minutes or quicker than expected. The parents left at around 15:55, definitely within an hour and 8 minutes.

I also considered Pluto which is angular. Something is happening at home. Pluto is disposed by Saturn. Saturn rules 4th and 5th – the father is having fun or enjoying himself. Pluto crosses over IC in 3 degrees 47 arc. I hardly think that the parents are leaving in about 4 minutes time… Unless it’s symbolically 3.47pm? Pluto conjunct IC also symbolizes ejection of the parents from home.

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