Turned On By My Husband

Nowadays, when a client tells me that they are turned on by someone, or as if a person flips on a switch within them, I look for Uranus in the interaspects chart. And almost always, Uranus is at work. I have seen it so many times! If not, it’s usually down to a tight aspect between Venus and Mars.

Let’s have a look at this couple.

  • B’s Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter trines A’s ASC. Even though B’s personal planets are not in the same sign as A’s ASC, there’s a lot going on here which no doubt argues for strong attraction.
  • A’s Sun squares B’s Moon. So, if the woman, A, takes the lead in the relationship, that may lead to conflict with the man, B because his sense of comfort or security is at risk here. A’s Moon opposes B’s Sun by sign. This is another point towards attraction although it’s usually best if there’s a give and take in the relationship
  • A’s Venus conjuncts B’s Mars tightly. This indicates a very strong physical attraction. A stimulating and pleasing attraction.
  • B’s Venus conjuncts A’s Sun. This is another indication of romantic attraction.
  • A’s Uranus sextiles B’s Sun. This is the “S/he turns me on” aspect! A sudden, magnetic, stimulating attraction.

Without a doubt, there’s definitely sexual and romantic attraction between the two in this relationship.

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