Is there Romantic Attraction?

I don’t know the time of birth of this man who is interested in his colleague who made suggestive remarks that the two of them get together.

  • A’s Sun trines B’s Moon. A’s masculinity mixes well with B’s receptivity.
  • There’s no Ptolemaic aspects between A’s Venus/Mars and B’s Venus/Mars. However, A’s Venus is in the same sign as B’s Mars. And A’s Mars trines B’s Venus by sign.
  • A’s Venus squares B’s Moon – this is something against the romantic attraction. Well, there could still be an attraction albeit with friction.┬áThere’s no other Ptolemaic aspects between Venus/Mars of a person and Sun/Moon of the other.
  • A’s Uranus trines B’s Venus and Sun. B is stimulated by A. There is an attraction, almost a magnetic one. Or even love at first sight.

Yes, there is attraction between the two of them.

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