Why Did my Friend Take His Life

The question was asked on 10 June 2018. Let’s call the friend Peter. [The chart is radical. ASC ruler is Jupiter in Scorpio in 11th house. The querent has his Sun in Scorpio.]

[His friend, the quesited is Mars in Aquarius in turned 4th house of end of matter. Notice that Pluto is directly on the cusp of turned 4th. Mars conjunct South Node]

My first thought is that there was a relationship problem, perhaps the ending of a relationship that led to Peter committing suicide. A friend of Peter who is from overseas might be involved. [Sun is angular. It rules the intercepted 8th house of endings. Mercury rules radical 7th and 9th. I originally thought that the relationship of the friend was with someone from overseas. But, actually, that was referring to me, the astrologer… Mercury rules turned 9th and 11th.]

Or it could be due to a professional exam. [Sun is on the cusp of turned 9th and rules turned 10th.]

On 27 November 2017, Peter met someone. Peter approached the other person on 13 March 2018 but the other person didn’t respond favourably to Peter. On 13 April 2018, possibly Friday the thirteen, Peter and the other person broke up. The relationship between the two was a secret. [Mars separated from a square to Uranus about 6.5 degrees. I initially thought it’s 6.5 weeks but that would mean that the separation happened after Peter died.

The Moon separated from Uranus about 8 degrees 13 arc ago which may mean 8 weeks and 1.5 days ago. Working backwards, this refers to 13th April, Friday the thirteen.

Could the original Mars squared Uranus refer to another separation or the first time Peter and that someone got together? Moon separated from Venus about 13 degrees ago. Let’s say this is weeks i.e. 13 March 2018. Let’s assign month to Mars-Uranus. 6.5 months ago equals to 27 November 2017. Mars is in a succedent house and in a fixed sign. Uranus is disposed by Venus which rules turned 7th, 8th and 12th]

After 13th April 2018, Peter committed suicide, possibly by hanging on 18 April. [Moon, the ruler of radical 8th separated from Mars 1 degree 48 arcs ago. I assign the time unit of month as the Moon would be in a succedent house and in a fixed sign. 48 arcs = about 24 days depending on whether you assign 30 or 31 days to a month (48/60*30days). That would work out to be 17 April. Peter died on 18 April.

Mars is disposed by Saturn which reminds me of rope for some reason. Saturn is in the first house of head and rules the 2nd house of neck.]



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