Moon in 8th – Transit

On first sight, I couldn’t relate anything to Moon in 8th. There was no death, no nothing. On scrutiny of everything that I had done when the Moon was transiting in the 8th, I realized that those themes did come up even they seem like everyday life which are pretty routine to me.

To summarise Deborah Houlding’s book, the 8th represents:

  • Death, loss and decay
  • Things associated with the deceased e.g. inheritance, wills
  • Other people’s money e.g. loans, partner’s money, taxes, loans, debts
  • Fears, insecurity or anxiety

And transformations in modern astrology.

I came across death and loss by watching Crimewatch, a Irish TV programme that features crimes committed in Ireland. There was nothing relating to the deceased. I was checking the deadlines for filing annual returns and tax returns for Irish companies. I thought of a horrible day where I asked the cosmos whether I should continue with astrology (and I thought the answer is no).

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