Venus Opposite Saturn – Natal

Some interpretations include:

  • Reconciliation between boundaries and relating to others.
  • A tension between relationships and life’s ambitions.
  • A balancing act between giving and receiving love, and fear and reserve.

What if Venus is in Gemini and Saturn is in Sagittarius? What’s the conflict here? Gemini wishes to know while Sagittarius wishes to understand and integrate. Gemini wants to reason while Saturn wishes to intuit.

So, we have:

  • A diverse kind of love, the more the merrier which goes against one’s acquired wisdom over time.
  • Relationships that’s based on reasoning that isn’t helped by one’s cautiousness in trusting one’s intuition.
  • Love for knowledge creating a tension with the focus/work on wisdom
  • Enjoyment from studies to be balanced with fear with further developing one’s knowledge, e.g. in an university

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