Consultation Chart

A man walked in for a “reading”.

Weighting something in his mind. Perhaps trying to balance something so as to meet two different objectives. May involve relationships. [ASC in Libra]

He’s good looking in a rounded way. Fleshy but definitely attractive. [Venus in Cancer]

What he’s concerned about may be going overseas, further education or law/religion. [Venus in 9th]

Recently or soon to come, the client has a clear direction and purpose towards a major change in his life. [Venus just changed signs to Cancer where it’s dignified. Previously, it was in peregrine. Venus rules the 8th and 1st.]

There’s some kind of restless energy towards wanting a radical change that ends something and starts something else. The change can be exciting and stimulating. [Venus sextile Uranus on 8th]

He might have to reconcile or balance his desire for change against his responsibility in terms of home, family, maybe his dad and children. [Venus opposes Saturn in 3rd. Saturn rules the 4th and 5th.]

Following that, there’s a sense of transition regarding his daily routine. Healing or using drugs/alcohol positively may be part of work. [Venus trine Neptune on 6th]

He might feel that he’s coming towards the end of his current career or his current career is at a mature stage. If he does make a change, his career may be in a transitional stage. There can be a sense of things being up in the air. [Moon which rules the 10th is in a late sign]

There’s a recent evolution in his partnership or impending change. The change might be due to his responsibility towards home, family and children. [Mars which rules the the 7th and 2nd just changed signs]

I talked about timing with the client. But it’s not included in this post.

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