Balsamic Lunar Phase – Natal

Let’s use the planting analogy to understand this lunar phase. The balsamic phase is likened to¬†clearing the fields for the new planting season ahead. Balsamic Moon people are the field.

Clearing the fields requires getting rid of parts of the field. As the field symbolizes the person, the Balsamic Moon person can be capable of great sacrifice. Or surrendering herself / himself. Also, think of the Moon approaching the Sun by conjunction. It is wet and moist. Even though it knows that it’s going to be burned by the Sun, it still does it anyway. This image of the Moon giving itself to the Sun conjures pictures of immense sacrifice in my mind.

The fields are barren, there’s lots of physical space. As such, Balsamic Moon people have a need for space, solitude and quietness.

The fields are cleared to prepare for the new planting season which lies in the future. The Balsamic Moon person could be future-oriented, standing between the past and the future, conscious that beginnings and endings are two sides of a same coin.



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