Will I Complete My Course?

A client asked whether he will complete his Phd degree positively or whether it’s a better idea to just leave it.

He is towards the end of the course. [9th cusp in 25°]

Yes, he will complete his course if [Sun and Jupiter – there’s no aspect between them. Moon and Jupiter is blocked by]:

  • He communicates with a superior – research supervisor? The client said yes. He has to rewrite his thesis and communicate with a backup thesis supervisor as his original supervisor is away. [Moon sextile Mercury (10). Uranus on MC.]
  • Following that, he will have to address the concerns of someone who might oppose his efforts, involving a lot of work which can be tedious. The client said yes – that’s his original project supervisor which is currently away.  [Moon opposition Saturn (5). Saturn rules 6th and 7th.]
  • Following that, there’s some positive concealment, dissolution of something. [Moon tri Neptune (8)]
  • He completes his course [Moon trine Jupiter (4)]

There’s challenges and/or delays but he will finish his thesis if he pushes for it. He might feel that everyday is a struggle. However, he is able to handle what comes his way. [Jupiter squares ASC by application.  Pluto on 6th. Moon in Cancer.]

The client asked when will he finish the thesis? I said within 2.5 months from 18 May. [Moon trines Jupiter in about 10.5°. Moon is in a fixed house while Jupiter is in angular house. So, maybe it’s 10.5 weeks or about 2.5 months from 18 May. Jupiter squares ASC in about 2.5° which suggests 2.5 months as well.].


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