What’s My Love Life For This Year?

A client asked about her love life for this year. What follows is my reply to her.

If you are looking for opportunities for a committed or long-term relationship, there may be one within 5 months from 22 May 2018. It can however be unexpectedly quicker.

This person is likely to be tall and slim, having broad forehead and small eyes. He is possibly more mature than you or mature looking. There may be something mesmeric about the appearance or something hard – being either intense or somewhat distant. He might have a tendency to dress in dark clothing.

Between the two of you, you will be more attracted to him than he is to you. Consequently, you will want this relationship more than him. If you are keen for a transformative, intense and deeply emotional relationship, he can certainly provide you with that. I suggest that you get in touch with what you are looking for a relationship, if you haven’t already and assess whether this person can meet your relationship needs.

Around December 2018 may herald new opportunities when it comes to long-term relationships. There could be a sense of new experience or even fatedness and romantic feelings then.

Other thoughts which may be unrelated to your question:

Rather recently, there might have a man who is a friend or in a group that you belong to who could be a love interest. You are likely to feel a sense of fun or pleasure with him. If there was indeed such a person, you may find that some sort of adjustment perhaps in expectations may be appropriate.

Before that, there might be a radical change to a friendship/acquaintanceship or an unexpected event relating to a friend. Whatever has happened, if any, tended to be positive.

Following that, either there’s something about your finances and thoughts/communication of that or your sibling (???). OR it could be something involving a male friend, who is youngish looking and/or communicative, his home and fun/children.


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