Consultation Chart

Trust the cosmos. Trust the universe. Trust in your craft. Trust that the symbolism are reflective of the situation and reality. Trust yourself.

A client walked-in very unexpectedly. He asked for a reading. Just at the point in time, I thought of consultation charts. I ain’t have any time for forecasting, etc. Besides he doesn’t have his time of birth.

His concern is about relationships or he’s at a crossroad in his life. Or he needs to sort out affairs of a legal nature. [Ascendant in Libra].

In particular, his concern is also about being overseas, studies or solicitor which has a connection to career [ASC ruler in 9th. Venus is disposed by Moon].

He has already begun or is going to begin a new phase in his life, possibly relating to his future direction and or career [Venus just changed signs].

He wants a radical major change in his life which is impending. There’s an ending and new start of some sort, perhaps relating to being overseas or studies. [Venus applies to Uranus on 8th. 8th in Taurus which is ruled by Venus.]

A decision to be made involving home, family or dad and children. And yes, he has kids. [Venus applies to Saturn by opposition. Saturn rules 4th and 5th].

Healing in daily work. Being compassionate. Drugs and alcohol used in a constructive manner? [Venus applies to Neptune on 6th by trine]

His career has been fantastic and seems to be reaching an end point. Should he decide to make a switch in his career, his career would be transitional or up in the air. [Moon reaching the end degrees of the current sign]

His career or future direction requires him to go overseas or for further studies. [Moon applies to Sun by sextile]

His new career may lead to differences in opinions between him and his partner involving his finances. [Moon applies to Mars by opposition. Mars rules 2nd and 7th.]

Fixed Stars

Moon on Procyon – good fortune but sudden fall. Occult interests. Wealth through violence. This is very apt. The current career of the client leads him to good fortune. But it seems that he’s bend on going on with his new career which certainly leads to a fall of his good fortune from his existing career.

Mars on Altair – Mars rules his 2nd house of finances which could be sudden but fleeing. Mars also rules the 7th of partner – his partner is either courageous, ambitious or hypersensitive and emotionally fluctuating.

Saturn on Facies – The client is logical and detached when it comes to home, family and children.

Canopus and Sirius on MC – overseas travel involved with his career/future direction. Can be stubborn with his future path.┬áThere’s also luck and honours involved in his current career.

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