Thoughts on Venus and Jupiter

I had an extremely insight consultation. The client asked for a “general” reading or consultation. Nothing I said or explored resonated with her. It’s almost as if she didn’t want to participate in the consultation by thinking. Essentially, it seems that her entire life is only defined by two long-term relationships. The first one is with her boyfriend which lasted 10 years. She married her second boyfriend who later died because of medical reasons.

Not getting anywhere in particular after exploring progressions and transits, I asked her what she hoped to get out of the session, she said “Just to get some assurance that everything will be fine.” She also said that she wanted a relationship but didn’t want to put herself out there as it’s not her style. We explored her forecast and natal potential in relationships. Again, nothing quite resonates with her.

It was after the session that I reflected on the session. What are the key points of her natal chart? Venus tightly conjuncts her Ascendant. I remembered reading somewhere that Venus is passive, unlike Mars. It attracts. It acts by attracting. It doesn’t act by moving forward or doing something to get something. It sits and waits, somewhat like ladies in dancing saloons in the old days where they wait for men to invite them for dances. That so describes her! I now remember that she also said that she’s not career minded. She seems to have everything but she’s not quite there yet in terms of happiness. She wants a man.

Now that I think about it, of course! Venus represents love, to be loved and to give love. Venus represents relationships, relating to others. Of course, she wants a man! Oh yes, she’s extremely attractive as you would expect from Venus conjunct Ascendant. Incidentally, her Venus is in Gemini.

What’s more interesting is that her chart ruler conjuncts Jupiter which is the 7th ruler about 2-3 degrees! Jupiter has a “lazy” reputation, very different from Saturn which is mostly about work. Jupiter expects and usually but not all the time gets what he expects. She’s very Venuian and Jupiterian! Beauty, looks, possessions and material wealth aren’t a problem for her at all!

This session is more instructive by way of helping me to understand the energies of Venus and Jupiter even better. Thank god for that.

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