Will my Sister-in-law be Safely Delivered?


[I took a very different approach to Appleby. He turned the houses to judge. I stuck with the radical houses as the client was clearly vested in the question and he/she had no part to play in the question.

Let 1st house represent the sister-in-law and the 5th her baby. Sun is in Taurus. It is in peregrine. It’s moving at an okay speed. It’s changing sign though. So there’s going to be a change in the sister-in-law’s life very soon. Sun is the 10th, so the sister is able to act despite being unrooted, confused or lost (peregrine). Sun conjunct Alcyone. This is worrisome. There’s tears, sorrow and suffering involved. Given the situation, this shouldn’t be a surprise. The sister-in-law was advised by her doctor not to be pregnant. Sun rules the 12th as well. The sister-in-law feels helpless and alone.

The Sun separated from a sextile Mars in its sign of fall about 11 degrees ago. Mars rules 4th and 9th. Maybe that was the doctor that was consulted for his advice/opinion.

The Moon which is a co-signifactor of the sister-in-law is strong. It is exalted in Taurus and angular. An extremely strong Moon. The very next aspect it makes is to Jupiter, the 5th and 8th ruler. Initially, I was worried to see the 5th ruler directly on the cusp of the 8th and thought it might mean a miscarriage. I think the subject of the baby is very emotional and distressing. The 5th ruler is a well-dignified benefic which conjuncts fixed star Achernar which symbolises success. Even though there’s no reception between the Moon and Jupiter, we must remember that the Moon is very strong and capable of bringing about something. Based on this, yes, the sister-in-law will deliver her baby safely. As the Moon perfects the application to the Moon in about 3.5 degree. The baby will be delivered in about 3.5 months time – it can’t be 3.5 weeks or days logically speaking based on our understanding of the expected due date.

Moon next applies to debilitated Mars by trine in its sign of fall. I wonder what event or person this refers to?]

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Extracted from Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrology

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