Whether a Missing Person is Dead or Alive

My personal notes from page 151 of Christian Lilly. Read them at your own peril.


If the person asking has no relation to the missing person and it’s a general inquiry, the missing person will be represented by the 1st, the 1st ruler and the Moon.

Death is signified by the 8th ruler, a planet in the 8th or within 5 degrees of the 8th cusp.

Testimonies of death

  • See if 1st ruler and (?) the Moon conjunct with 8th ruler or a planet in the 8th
  • Or 1st ruler and (?) the Moon is in opposition with the 8th ruler either in the 2nd and 8th or the 12th and 6th.
  • Translation of light of 1st ruler to 8th ruler, especially in certain degrees?
  • Or translation of light from the 8th ruler to the 1st ruler
  • 8th ruler is placed in the ASC
  • 1st ruler and the Moon are in the 4th

If the 1st ruler is in the 9th, 10th or 11th – he is usually found to be alive.

What had happened to the missing person?

1st ruler has separated from a bad aspect involving the:

  • 6th ruler – the missing person has been ill recently
  • 8th ruler – the missing person has been in danger of death, but is not dead
  • 12th ruler – the missing person has been troubled in mind, in fear of imprisonments, arrests recently
  • 2nd ruler – the missing person has been financially hard up recently
  • 7th ruler – the missing has been in some quarrel or contention
  • 9th or 3rd – the missing person has been crossed in his journey

If you find the missing person alive

Presumably after going through all the above indicators, see when the 11th ruler aspects the 1st ruler/a planet in the 1st or vice-versa. About that time, news will be heard of him. See how many degrees are required to perfect the trine or sextile. Allocate days, weeks or months accordingly. This rule can be used: in moveable (cardinal) signs days, in common (mutable) signs weeks, in fixed signs months.

Example Chart

Learning points:

Lilly considered the opposition between 1st ruler and Mars even though it’s 11 degrees ago. The commonly accepted orb for Venus-Mars is 7.5 degree or 8 degree.

He used the 11th ruler aspect to a planet in the 1st to time to determine when there’s news of the missing person. It’s news and not the actual returning back to home, which would be seen from Moon sextiling Saturn in 4th, I think.

Timing is judged from the sign of the significator first. Moveable sign – quick. How much distance to cover? Since Venus is the 9th house, a cadent house, quite a fair bit of distance. Moving quickly over long distance would lead to weeks. Visualise the moving speed of a significator and the distance required to be covered.

I find myself building up too much of a story.

psychic reading online Christian Astrology p152


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