The Moon in Electional Astrology

My notes from reading Vivian Robson’s Electional Astrology. Read at your own peril.

The Moon is Supremely Important in Elections

The Moon is supremely, extremely, terribly, wonderfully, definitely important in elections.

As she’s so significantly important, make her strong. Really strong. Even if she is not a significator of the matter of the election.

Step 1: Assess the Relationship Between the Lunar Queen and the Solar King

Take note of the lunar phase i.e. look up at the sky to the Moon. What do you see? Whenever you need things to get moving, elect when the Moon is between New Moon and Full Moon. Having said that, there are some elections where it’s best for the Moon to between Full Moon and New Moon.  Avoid the first 12 hours after a New Moon and Full Moon though, as the Moon is burned by the Sun – she isn’t strong during this time. If you really, really, really have to elect just after New Moon or Full Moon, read Robson’s book on what to look out for.

Aim for a good aspect i.e. trine or sextile between the Moon and the Sun. By doing so, you are off to a good start. Furthermore, this will improve the chances of success in any election.

Step 2: Who does the Lunar Queen Meet in Her Journey?

AVOID the big bad guys. Unless he is in charge of the matter on hand. Robson’s book touches on how to structure the meeting if you really have to plant a big bad wolf in the Lunar Queen’s passage.

Plan *good* meetings between the Lunar Queen and the Lords/Ladies in charge of the matter on hand, whether through their specific or general responsibility. If a Lord/Lady is away and can’t meet the Queen, at least one Lord/Lady should meet with the Queen (Note 1). Imagine this: The Queen has the power to bestow upon you what you desire. And that can only happen when you request an audience with her and tell her the desires of your heart. Choose the Lord/Lady that can best represent your wishes to meet with the Queen. Be strategic.

Avoid a Lord (I will use Lord to represent both Lord and Lady from now on) in retrograde. He is not his usual self. Surely you want the Lord to be in his best self and behaviour to meet with the Queen?

If you hadn’t planted any Lord or Lady in the Queen’s journey, she aint going to meet anyone who can present your wish to her. So nothing happens.

Step 3: How’s the Queen Dressed for the Journey?

She generally dislikes the fashion of Scorpio and Capricorn. They are too Gothic and Business-like for her. She hates Gothic number 3 incidentally. She usually feels uncomfortable being in them unless an occasion calls for it… Also, rumour has it that she dislikes the Libran and Arian range of apparel. She doesn’t necessarily hate them but just dislike them.

She likes the fashion of:

  • Cancer – she feels feminine and a proper woman, mum in them
  • Taurus – she likes the texture of the clothes. It makes her feel sensual…
  • Virgo – She likes to be thought of as a virgin. Besides, she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get down to work in the fields
  • Pisces – the gentleness of the robes on her skin is amazing. It’s almost as if she’s wearing nothing!

Avoid bad hair days. The Queen periodically has bad hair days from 15° Libra to 15° Scorpio. She feels horrible during those days. Actually, she feels like crap. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Step 4: Where’s the Starting Point of the Queen’s Journey?

Where possible, have her start in the house of your wish of course!

Or on one of the compass points except the East so that she can get her bearings.

For Emergencies Only

There are times when the Queen hates her robes (and lingerie), has a bad hair day, starts from a straw house (think the 3 little pigs), meets with big bad wolf, etc. What do you do?? Read Robson’s book. There are helpful tips there.


Note 1: Great auld Ptolemy said that you should connect the Queen with a fixed star whose nature comprise of the Lords/Ladies to be met in this case.



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