Saturn-Neptune Transit

I have recently discovered that it’s generally challenging to handle the Neptunian energies positively. Indeed, when I read astrologers’ writing on Neptune, there tends to be a negative slant to them. For instance, in Brady’s Predictive Astrology, on Saturn-Neptune transit: “Illness, tiredness, depletion of resources, despair, to be without hope. This is the major signifier of health problems in predictive astrology.”

Let’s see. I had a Saturn conjunct Neptune transit last year from Jan to Oct or from Dec 16 to Oct 17 if we apply a 1┬░ orb. The middle hit took place in July 17. During this time, I had a horrible pain and aches in my upper left back. Although I think that can be attributed to the Uranus-Sun transit during that time too. I was certainly in “despair and to be without hope”. It felt like the world was crashing down on me.

Martin Freeman’s brief interpretation in Forecasting by Astrology contains some negative bits too. In general, except for “A time of practical idealism” the themes suggested by him don’t quite resonate with me.

Okay, putting that all aside, let me interpret the Saturn-Neptune transit in my own terms (always preferable). Saturn represents life structure, sense of material security, what is definite and defined. Neptune represents the dissolution, spiritualisation, letting go, sacrifice. When we combine the two, there could be a dissolution or letting go of structures in life which gives a person a sense of material security. Without this sense of firm foundations in life, a person could feel that he is walking on a ground that’s shifting and shaky all the time. This could create a sense of despair, feelings of hopelessness which weakens the physical body. Thus a person gets more tired easily and is more vulnerable to illnesses.

If I look at my birth chart, Neptune is in the 7th house and co-rules the 10th – the dissolution or weakening involves my career and close personal relationships. How is the transiting Saturn experienced?┬áSaturn is in the 4th, conjuncts Jupiter. Saturn rules the 8th, co-rules the 9th. Jupiter rules the 7th and co-rules the 10th – the material security and foundations in life relates to transformation to my career involving others and knowledge i.e. astrology or my personal beliefs.

Let’s looking at the timing of any internal/external events during this transit.

  • Full Moon opposition Neptune in Dec 2016
  • Chart ruler and Mars transits to Neptune numerous times from Nov 2016 to Oct 2017. Mars transit in 10th from end Dec 2016 to early Feb 2017.
  • There’s no progressed Moon aspects to Neptune.

From the above timing indicators, Dec 2016 seems to be a significant month. This is true as I left my well-paying job of many years then. Throughout the year, I did have a sense that my world is falling apart. In a bid to make my dreams and ideals (Neptune) come true (Saturn).


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