Will I be Pregnant After Coming Off the Pill?

I would declined to answer this question for the woman as my reputation as an astrologer is at risk. In addition, the client would probably not be thankful for the suggestion given. [Debilitated Saturn and peregrine Mars in 10th]

What does her doctor say anyway?

[The ASC, 5th cusp, 1st ruler are in air signs. The 5th ruler is in Leo, a barren sign. It is also in detriment although it is moving faster than usual. It applies to Uranus by square. Unexpected surprise or shock which is not positive. So, it’s better for her to stick to the pill to be on the safe side.

The Moon is changing signs from Libra to Scorpio which is a fertile sign. That’s presumably after the client has stopped being on the pill. The Moon then makes a square to Saturn with no reception. This can be interpreted as the likelihood of being pregnant after being off the pill is low. However, as we have seen above, it’s best to err on the safe side of caution despite the low likelihood of being pregnant. Moon will make a conjunction to Uranus but it’s outside of the 3° orb.

If not for Saturn and Mars in the 10th, I would have advised her that the likelihood of being pregnant is low to medium however it’s likely that she might strike the jackpot based on the cosmos.]

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