Am I Pregnant


[ASC and 5th in air signs. 1st ruler in a fire sign. 5th ruler is in Leo, a barren sign. Saturn is in its sign of fall and is in retrograde as well which is not usual unless we argue that the child is coming to the mother.

There’s no aspect between Venus and Saturn. Moon makes a sextile to Saturn, Ordinarily, this would cause us to put a tick towards a judgement of the woman being pregnant. However, Saturn is very weak and in retrograde and the Moon makes the aspect from the 9th house, a cadent house and when it is peregrine. I don’t see the Moon having the strength and action to be pregnant as of now.

Moon is at the end of a sign and on the 9th cusp. There’s going to be a change of some sort. Maybe migration, relocation or studies.

Appleby states that the Moon is void of course. I disagree with him as the Moon and Saturn are within orb of 10.5°.]

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