Mars Opposition Mercury

I have started to pay attention to Mars transits recently. It certainly certainly packs a punch! And yes, the idea that Mars can symbolize one’s ego, i.e. it’s all about me, is now cemented in my mind.

Rob Hand writes of this transit:

Whether or not you yourself feels irritable, and you very likely will, today may be full of disputes and arguments, unless you try to understand other people’s points of view. This is not a good day for trying to settle arguments, because both of you and your opponent will be come so firmly entrenched in your own position that neither of you will budge an inch.

What you must recognize today is that your ego is thoroughly bound up with your opinions and that you are acting as if a challenge to your ideas were literally a challenge to your physical self.

Absolutamente!! I went for a volunteer training session today. There was group work and I completely disagree with the suggested solutions to various scenario. I did feel extremely entrenched in my own position and refused to budge an inch from my opinions and approach. When others in the group subtly rejected my thoughts, I felt that I was personally attacked and thought of quitting as a volunteer because of the 15 minutes of group work.

Most interestingly, I was mentally very restless during the training that evening. This was new to me. But it certainly fits into the symbolism of Mars opposition Mercury.

OMG. I had a look at the exact timing of the Mars transit and the group work took place just 30 mins after it was exact. It is no wonder that I went through what I went through. Throughout the group work and after it, I admittedly refused to see other people’s point of view.

This is so fascinating! I have allocate time to reflect on Mars transits from now on!



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