Thoughts About Fate and Destiny

Some time ago, I was introduced to the idea that when Saturn or Mars, especially when they are debilitated, is in the 10th of a horary chart, extreme caution should be exercised when judging the chart. In fact, your professional reputation could be affected because of your judgement.

There’s also another “rule” where if Saturn, especially in retrograde, is in the 1st of a horary chart, the astrologer might have an ungrateful client despite whatever the astrologer has done for him/her. Equally, if the Saturn is in the 7th and the horary doesn’t relate to a 7th house matter, the astrologer might not be able to deliver an appropriate judgement.

I thought to myself: if those rules apply to horary charts, perhaps they apply to consultation charts as well. I cast the consultation charts of the three most memorable consultations that I have ever had. Oh golly. Saturn was in the 7th for one of them. Saturn was in the 1st for the other two, with one of them in retrograde and conjunct Mars in the 1st!

Clients sometimes show up earlier or later than the appointed time and this could change the message being explored in a consultation. Or sometimes, client reschedule an appointment when the cosmos aren’t in the best placement. For example, I had a client who’s scheduled to come in today. She cancelled this morning because she’s very ill. I would imagine that if the consultation had proceeded, I would have given her perspectives based on the Moon being void-of-course which is not her fate. Hence, perhaps she fell ill and cancelled the appointment.

I used to believe more in free will than fate. Nowadays, I’m inching towards the fate camp. Ah, the evolution of one’s concept of fate and destiny.

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