Debilitated or Fallen Planets

I have been mulling over planets in their sign of debility or fall yesterday. A client was visibly upset that she has caused so much harm and damage to people that she cared in her life because of her Venus in Scorpio, which conjunct natal Pluto tightly. She asked if there’s anything she could do to change herself.

We explored the strengths of Venus in Scorpio – depth and honesty in relationships, transformative relationships, empowerment in them, having the ability to confront others where needed, power in relating to others, etc.

After the consultation, I suddenly recalled a piece of writing by Rob Hand on debilitated planets. He came up with this idea of “inverted dignities” based on idea(s) from Anthony Damiani and Tim Smith. A planet in debility or in its fall has to use its opposite sign to achieve the objective of its sign of debility or fall. He gave an example – his Mercury is in Sagittarius. Since Mercury rules writing, teaching, astrology (under traditional rulership), under traditional astrology, he wouldn’t be expected to be “good” at all those things. But the reality is that he’s an acknowledged leader in those areas, which doesn’t make sense. He went on to say that when he writes, he approaches words in a detailed fashion, one word at a time to achieve his philosophical objective(s) in writing.¬†However, as I was typing the previous sentence, it occurred to me that his Sun is in Virgo which is ruled by Mercury. Perhaps, that has a bearing on his success as a writer, teacher and astrologer.

I have Mars in Cancer. Especially nowadays, perhaps because of an increased awareness of myself, I find that my energy energy is sluggish, I can be cautious and reluctant to assert myself unless push comes to shove. When I need something, I usually approach others in a sensitive and understanding manner. Perhaps too, my actions are dependent on my mood or emotions at a time. And yes, when I’m having a bad day, I just want to take to the bed and hide under the cover.

When I think back to my adolescent years, I say that my will power and drive were incredibly strong. However, that could be because of progressed Sun in Leo. My inner dialogue would be “The goal is xyz. You have to do abc to get there whether you like it or not.” I would force myself to do things that I dislike. I would count down from 10 to 0 when it comes to break time and continue with whatever I was doing to advance towards my goals then.

Reading the previous paragraph reminds me of Mars in Capricorn – goals-based, persistence, ambition and even time is involved! I wonder whether there’s some truth to Rob Hand’s idea of inverted dignities. Mars in Cancer can mean fighting for emotional security, home and family. To realise that objective, perhaps, people with Mars in Cancer can adopt the tools of Mars in Capricorn. To fight because of responsibility to the people they love. To fight in society for the private personal life that one desires. To accomplish so that one can nurture. To be “out” before one can be “in”.


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