Horary Software

I was looking at a horary and missed two key aspects made by/to a main significator as the main significator is at the end degrees of a sign and in retrograde motion while the other planets in aspects are in the early degree of another sign. 

I have been eyeballing the aspects manually since I practised horary astrology. At the start of a live session, I would explain to the client that I need some time to process what the cosmos are saying to me. My brain and eyes would be in frenzy, working out the aspects manually. Clients sometimes feel awkward with the silence.

I think I have progressed to a point in my practice where I have to rely more on the software to generate all the applying and separating aspects for me. This allows me to use my mind and heart on what matters – deciphering the symbols and conveying the message to the client in an appropriate fashion.


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