Who Killed Karen in Fair City?

I was watching the Irish TV drama Fair City. Karen was killed in the episode. Who killed her? My first thought was that she killed herself. But after some thought, how did she stab herself in the kitchen? Where’s the murder weapon, unless it’s under the press? If she had stabbed herself before entering the house, did she stab herself and fling the knife somewhere before stumbling into the house with keys and all that?

I seriously doubt astrology can be used to find the killer in a TV soap. But let’s do it for the fun of it anyway!

Anyhow, let’s cast a chart to find out. 7th ruler is Mars which conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. Ok, on the short, but not too short, defined body, has dark hair and maybe darker complexion. Fine. The question though, is it a man or woman?

I just came across the following on page 147 of Christian Astrology (CA):

Whether it will be a man or woman, you must know by the nature of the planet, sign and quarter of heaven he is in. Plurality of masculine testimonies argue a man, the contrary a woman.


The masculine planets are: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Sun. The feminine planets are: Venus and Moon. The neutral planet is Mercury.

Masculine signs are the fire and air signs while feminine, the earth and water signs.

The first (ASC to 10th) and third (DSC to 4th) quarters are masculine. The second (MC to 7th) and 4th (IC to 1st) quarters are feminine. [Page 48 of CA]

It seems like the killer is a woman. I wonder whether it’s Carol? She’s one of the older lasses in the show. Her complexion is tanned. She looks very fit to me. Her hair colour though, it’s not quite dark. Blond if I remember correctly. But she seems to have Uranus in her – the rebellious, freedom loving, do what I may spirit.

Hmmmm. Mercury and Sun squares Mars. Mercury rules the 9th and 11th. Overseas friends? Overseas hopes and dreams? Maybe… it’s the communication in the public about Robbie and Aoife’s moving to Belfast which is technically overseas. So, hopes and dreams for a family reconciliation (Sun rules intercepted turned 4th) are dashed (square aspect between Mercury/Sun and Mars).

Incidentally, surely Mars is symbolic of a murderer and Saturn that of a grim reaper? Both brings to my mind cutting. Ah ha! Mars represents knives and sharp objects. OMG. Mars = knife. Saturn = death. Mars + Saturn = knifed to death.

Moon is the co-significator of the killer since the question is “Who killed Karen?”. Moon just separated from a conjunction to Jupiter that rules the 3rd and 5th house or turned 9th and 11th. Something about thoughts, a talk or argument about children, fun sex? Hmmm. The 9th and 11th house showed up again. Overseas or college studies is involved. Well, hardly anyone in the show is in college, not that I can think of anyway. It would be overseas. Friend, dreams or groups? Who’s overseas and involve any of those? There’s the Chilean guy who doesn’t fit in any of the above physical description. There’s the ex, what’s his name? who has gone on a round-the-world trip. Again, he doesn’t fit into the physical description – shortish and lean, defined and fit. I guess we are back to Carol. She might have killed Karen so that Aoife and Robbie wouldn’t leave for Belfast.

Oh yes, when will the truth be out? Some guesses:

  • 10 or 11 April 2018 – when the Sun crosses over the 7th. This is a bit too soon, no?
  • On or after 15 April 2018 – when Mercury turns direct

I doubt astrology can be used to find the killer in a TV soap. But if I have to guess, it would be Carol.


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