Horary: 10th Ruler in 8th

I have had two persons who enquired about their jobs. More specifically, whether they will hold on to the job or lose their job. The first thing that I have noticed is that the 10th ruler is in the 8th for both of these horary charts.

It’s obvious that their jobs bring them fear, insecurity or anxiety. Or she’s dependent on her job to pay off the mortgage (8th). Or they are going to lose their job. The question is: will they lose their job? There’s one where the 10th ruler, i.e. Mercury, applies to Pluto by sextile and then Uranus by conjunction. Well, both outer planets suggest major changes that are usually beyond the querent’s control. I would like to think that the transformation at work is a positive one because of the sextile aspect. Uranus, to me, suggest being cut off, a separation, not unlike Mars. To be honest, I couldn’t bear to tell the 60+ year old person that she’s going to lose their job ultimately. Or did I tell her in some way? I can’t be sure.

On the other hand, 10th ruler is in 14° Aries in a succedent house. So, it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a change i.e. loss of job pretty soon. There’s another 16° to go. Maybe there’s 16 months to go before there’s a development at her job?


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