Consultation Chart: Marriage and Children

Hmmm, astrology is a tool that requires practice. The more you use it, the more you learn how to weld it properly. I set up a consultation chart for Lizzie’s consultation yesterday. She’s after a “fortune-telling” kind of consultation or shall we say “reading”. 

She’s somewhat tall and well-built. [Lord 1 is Sun in Pisces.]

She’s lost, wandering, not rooted. [Sun in Peregrine. She doesn’t have specific questions]

She’s distressed, anxious, in turmoil over something. Possibly over her children and ex-partner’s money or inheritance which is at a standstill and not moving and getting worse [Sun in 8th. She is disposited by Jupiter in 4th. Jupiter is stationary retrograde. Jupiter rules 5th and 8th]

There’s a lot that’s on Lizzie’s mind. [Sun is within “orb” of Neptune, Chiron, Venus, Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Moon, Jupiter.]

Most recently, a friend approached her recently with work or health matter or in her home. Or Something about her hopes and dreams regarding her home. Before then, she’s in a confused state of mind. Things were in transition or confusion relating to her children and ex-partner’s money. Even before then, she experienced some delay or difficulty relating to her children because of her health and ex-partner. Even before then, there was news of or communication relating to a job. The foregoing events still have an effect on Lizzie. [Separating

  • Moon square Sun. Moon in 4th ruling intercepted 11th]
  • Sun conjunct Neptune
  • Sun sextile Saturn – on second thought, this probably symbolizes Lizzie’s divorce. Saturn rules her 7th and 5th. Her ex-husband was cheating on her?
  • Venus conjunct Sun]

She’s going to encounter a change in situation relating to her children or a secret of her children. Then, she’s going to approach her children about matters that distresses her/ex-partner’s money who will respond favourably to her. She might approach her children about some hidden fun with difficulty. It’s probably not worth talking to her children about it as the cons outweight the pros. [Applying:

  • Sun sextile Pluto in 5th
  • Sun trine Jupiter
  • Sun square Mars in 5th]

Divorce or separation occupies her thoughts or there’s paperwork, communication regarding that. [Fixed star Vindemiatrix on 3rd house cusp]

She will experience more vitality and confidence in her life in about 11 weeks or months time. [Sun will change sign to Aries where it is exalted.]


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