Any Customers Today?

Are there any walk-in customers today? No. [Update: No, there aren’t any walk-ins today]


I’m not feeling the best. Out of element. But I still want to go to the psychic shop to see if there’s any walk-ins as hey, I create my destiny. I can’t see home, father or any private issues and sex, children or pleasure influencing me. Unless it’s my private desire to play, relax and have fun?! [Lord 1 is in deteriment, in 11th house and combust. Sun rules 4th and 5th.]

I left home. Within 2 minutes from leaving home, I wasn’t sure whether I had switched off the power to the gas stove. I returned home to check whether I had do so. [Mercury conjuncts Neptune in 8 arc. Which translates to 8 minutes from the time I cast the chart which seems about right.]

I had arranged to meet a client for a catch up (not a walk-in) at 4pm. He texted me at 2.25pm and 2.55pm to say that he would arrive between 5.30pm to 6pm. [Mercury conjunct Venus in 4° 35′ who receives it in exaltation. This works out to 3.14pm. Mercury then squared Mars who receives it by triplicity in 4° 37′ or 3.16pm. I wonder whether the time difference is due to Mars being angular and able to act faster. I also wonder whether I should interpret Mars and Venus collectively. The client as signified by Mars in 7th is late because of having fun.]

The client called me at 5.30pm and asked for directions. I think we finally met at about 5.35pm. [Mercury applies to Pluto by sextile in 7° which works about 7 hours from 10:39am which is 5.39pm.]

Lessons Learnt

  1. Horary only really works when there is a deep seeded desire to know the answer to something. In my case, I say it’s more of a “good-to-know” question. And if I’m being truly honest, I cast the horary chart to test the heavens to see if it would give me a correct answer.
  2. If horary doesn’t really work, one could potentially use it as a consultation chart. Again, one has to be very creative, flexible and open when it comes to interpreting the chart.
  3. Although my desire to know whether there’s any walk-ins today is weak and feeble, I say the cosmos did provide me with an answer. What’s fascinating is that the consultation seemed to describe my day!

P.S.: After the sextile to Pluto, Mercury trines with Jupiter in the 6th in 9° 29′ or about 8.08pm. Jupiter receives it in its sign. The reality is that after the quick catch up with my client, I went to volunteer for a charity [service to others] until about 9pm. I see Jupiter in 6th as being relieved off my duty. As Jupiter is fixed and cadent, perhaps the timing of 8.08pm can be interpreted as “8.08pm or later”.


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