Horary: Will We be Back Together?

I was expecting the client to show up at 5.15pm but was waylaid by an unexpected walk-in. The client contacted me last year regarding a question about her ex-partner and whether they would be back together. I vaguely remembered that it was void of course (?) and told her that the cosmos isn’t giving me a clear answer and it’s best for her to reach out to me another time. I could have given her a straight answer that time and said that nothing would come out of the relationship but I didn’t for a host of other reasons.

Anyhow, she contacted me recently after a few months and asked for an consultation again. I agreed to meet her at 5.15pm and had a look at the consultation/horary chart before the appointed time. Based on the 5.15pm chart, the answer is no. It’s very unlikely that the two of them will be back together.

As I have explained earlier, the 5.15pm appointment was pushed back to about 5.21pm because of an unexpected walk-in. The client explained her situation to me. It was 5.25pm when she finished her narration. Imagine my surprise when I cast the chart at 5.25pm – there’s a new Ascendant and Descendant! What follows is what I told her.

[Very early ascendant. So, the question is premature. My gut instincts say that the client is going to try to reconcile with her ex-partner despite my insights.]

The client is the fonder one between the two of them. But I don’t see the two getting back together. There seems to be various obstacles and challenges. At the end of the day, it seems that my client has to give up too much of herself in return for the very little that she gets back from the reconciliation. Also, she’s trying to change herself for the man. She’s not being herself in the relationship. [Lord 1 moves faster than Lord 7. Lord 1 is Mercury. Mercury is in the 7th and in detriment. Mercury is in combustion. Sun rules the 12th. Lord 7 is Jupiter in Scorpio and is angular. Mercury is frustrated from applying to Jupiter. Moon is likewise frustrated from applying to Jupiter. Moon eventually makes an opposition to Jupiter. Jupiter doesn’t receive the Moon in its dignity. There’s no clear translation or collection involving Mercury and Jupiter. I suppose Jupiter makes a square to the Ascendant when it changes sign to Sagittarius. But square signifies difficulty and delays so I won’t have her hopes up]

I shared with her my thoughts. She agreed. I asked her why she desires a relationship with her ex when she has suffered so much when they were together. She said that she thought her ex might change (in terms of personality and how he functions in a relationship). I shared with her that it’s unlikely that he has changed much and that she is likely to continue to suffer even when they are back together. [Lord 7, Jupiter in Scorpio, a fixed sign and in the middle of the sign. Moon is in its detriment of Jupiter. There’s Venus in the 7th too, suggesting that the ex has a love interest, perhaps unknown to my client.]

My client also said that she’s lonely. I suggested that she spends more time in her work, local community and siblings. [Sun rules the 12th and combusts Lord 1. Sun next applies to Saturn in 5th but Saturn doesn’t receive Mercury as a dignified guest. Sun then next applies to Venus which rules 10th and 3rd].


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