Will I Continue with the Course?

Jamie asked whether she will be able to continue with the course because she has been suspected of cheating in an examination. 

It’s a mature situation. Nothing can change now. [Ascendant in late degree]

Very pleasant looking person. Proportionate size. Person is distressed about his wishes for the future [Lord 1, Venus is exalted and under the sun beams.]

The course is bringing her distress and grief. Or the course is ending/has ended[Lord 9, Saturn in 8th suggesting loss]

Parts of the studies have to repeated, which is great when compared to being expelled from the instition. [No applying aspect between Venus and Saturn. No applying aspect between Moon and Saturn. No translation involved. No collection involved. Moon, co-significator of Jamie, applies to Pluto in 9th by sextile. The 1st does connect to the 9th, suggesting a continuation of studies but there’s a transformation of studies, a sense of having to start over again. The Moon next applies to Jupiter in 6th. Jupiter rules the 12th and 8th. Jupiter receives the Moon by reception. So Jupiter has reason to treat the Moon kindly or even generously.]

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