Local Space Chart

I have a natal Mercury square Saturn and Mars square Saturn. Based on a local space (LS) chart for my place of birth, the squares don’t exist. Most interestingly, the two squares are in clear sight in the LS chart for Dublin, Ireland!

The above explains my personal experience of my home country and Ireland so much. Yes, I considered myself a slow learner when I was in Singapore. A friend actually said that I talked too slowly, “speed up won’t you”. Work was very tough. The natal themes do show up. But you know what, I don’t “feel” that my life in Singapore was actually tough. People observing my life might have said that my life was tough. But I don’t necessarily experience it per se, if you know what I mean.

I felt it’s different in Ireland though. Life was and is tough in reality and I do feel likewise too. It’s almost as if in Ireland I am in a location where challenges are in open view whereas in Singapore, I don’t perceive them as so. That’s it. LS chart describes how we may perceive our natal potential. It’s like whether a glass is half full or half empty. It’s still the same glass with the same amount of liquid in it. What’s different is the perception of the person seeing the glass. In LS astrology, the perception of a person’s reality changes depending on his/her location.

Fascinating stuff.


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