Neptune in 7th

I remember my first consultation or more accurately, reading with an astrologer. He advised me that when it comes to relationships, it’s best not to insist on a permanent relationship as it’s best to practise letting go. He said it based on Neptune in 7th. 

I was kinda disappointed but not affected by his words. That was about 3+ years ago. Now that I have progressed in my astrological journey, I am more confident than ever than there’s so many possible manifestations of astrological symbols.

Here’s my take on Neptune in 7th. When manifested negatively, Neptune in 7th could represent that the partner (or indeed open enemies) can deceitful, having integrity issues, having addiction issues (drinking, drugs, etc), delusional, living in illusion or possessing fantasies, some or most of which cannot be realized. Or the partner could be absent e.g. due to work overseas, in prison (!). Manifested positively, the partner could be sensitive, compassionate, giving, spiritual, refined. I suppose it’s theoretically possible that the partner is in a healing or chemical field or even a star! Practically speaking, both negative and positive energies of Neptune can be evident in a partner. With Neptune, it’s never a black or white matter.

It is not also uncommon for the partner’s Sun, Ascendant or Moon to be Pisces or there’s a connection to Pisces or Neptune one way or another.

The 7th house doesn’t necessarily describe the partner. It can represent our approach to our partner, our relationship needs and our attitude to them. And it’s not just our partner. It can represent open enemies, any significant one-to-one relationship or interaction and legal matters too.

So, I think back to that astrological reading that I had years ago. He’s not wrong but there’s infinite scope for possibilities for Neptune in 7th.


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