Where’s This Relationship Heading?

Uranus shouts at us from the seat of power i.e. the 10th. Frustration, tension possibly leading to separation or divorce is suggested. Or there’s something unexpected and sudden that took place in public.

The Moon, significator of the querent, just separated from a conjunction to Mars which could represent a hidden fight or unhanded fight or a silent war. Interestingly, Mars disposes Mercury and Jupiter. I wonder whether there’s too much overwork/overtime and/or illness involved in the couple’s situation.

The Moon next applies to Uranus by square very very soon. Oh, the Moon is besieged, suggesting stress and difficulty that’s experienced by our querent. I don’t like the aspect made to Uranus. Is there any get-out-of-jail card i.e. mutual reception between the querent and his/her partner? No, there isn’t.
There’s likely to be a separation looming.


If Mercury were to conjunct Jupiter, it is a point towards a more durable relationship. However, Mercury actually turned retrograde before conjuncting Jupiter! (refranation).

Venus which could indicate a lover had conjunct Jupiter. The partner could have an affair some time ago. A fling as Venus is in its detriment and long separated from Jupiter.

Uranus on 10th could represent a radical change in career, in addition to the separation.
The 12th is also the house of self-undoing, along with the 6th being the house of not-self-undoing.

where is this relationship heading horary.png
Based on Sellar’s The Consultation Chart

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