Are We Meant to be Together?

A man, Peter, had an affair with his wife’s boss, Judy. Peter wondered whether there’s a future to the affair.

Quick Analysis of the 2 Characters

The Ascendant is too early. The question is premature. It hasn’t developed to a point where you can get a clear answer from it. But that doesn’t stop nosey astrologers like me from looking further into it.
Mercury screams from the throne of the 10th. Is that a young person or news/communication/words in the public that has a huge bearing on the question? Mercury rules the 11th or turned 5th for Judy. Hmmm, Mars, Peter’s significator is smacked on the 5th cusp. Peter is Judy’s toy boy for sex and pleasure. In Judy’s eyes, she’s not thinking of a committed relationship with Peter. Uh oh.

Unfortunately,  it’s different for Peter. He must be hoping that the desires of his heart – a long term relationship with Judy come true (Mars on 11th). Hmmm, maybe there’s some exchange of words between the two involving the above.

The man – Mars is in peregrine. It lacks a sense of purpose as it holds no connection to his environment. It is alienated and so act aimlessly, showing no concern for the consequences that his actions have in that place. Yeah, Mars in peregrine described the querent all right. He’s f***king around! We can go into a physical description of the man – somewhat short and muscular. Personality wise, he’s action oriented and sexual (no surprises here). There’s Uranus in the 1st and in the same sign as the Ascendant. He’s feeling frustrated, tension, desiring a radical change in his situation (hence the question) which may lead to a divorce or separation from his wife to pursue the affair.

Mars is within orbs with: square to Neptune in 2nd, sextile to combust Jupiter in 9th. There’s confusion, uncertainty or deceit relating to his finances. Think bluff. Jupiter rules the 5th or turned 11th. No more sex or pleasure for Peter in the very near future. Admittedly, sex must be splendid as Jupiter is exalted in Cancer!

Mean to be Together?

Mars and Venus – Most interestingly, Judy is the keener of them two as it’s the faster moving planet. It’s bad at fulfilling its “duties and responsibilities” or function to be a partner to Peter as it’s in its fall. Before Venus conjuncts Mars, it applies to Uranus by sextile and squares Neptune. Uranus is the modern significator of separation. Also, if we really push it, Venus is very close to Saturn which doesn’t bore well.

Moon and Venus – there’s no applying aspects from the Moon to Venus.

Mars/Moon to the 7th – the Moon makes a sextile to Saturn before it opposes the 7th or conjuncts the 1st (back to himself after the separation). Mars has missed the boat to make trine to the 7th.

are we meant to be together
Based on Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrology


“Judy’s husband found out about the affair by discovering a letter that had passed between the lovers. He gave his wife a beating. This brought matters to a head, and although Judy showed some interest in continuing the affair, Peter lost interest thinking it a waste of time.

Peter’s wife planned to return to America permanently. She insisted that their jointly owned flat be sold. Not being being able to afford to buy another place, Peter was obliged to find rented accommodation. He lost his wife and his flat.”

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