A Time for Everything

I read John Frawley’s article on electional astrology many Moons ago. Electional astrology is the magical art of choosing a time to do something to produce an outcome desired by you. For example, couples can come to me and ask for the best date and time for their wedding that promises marital bliss, children and etc.

In the article, Frawley maintains that the birth chart ought to be considered as part of the process of choosing a best time to do something. This is a very fair concept as what is not promised in the birth chart cannot be come true even if you choose the perfect time for it. Using the same example mentioned earlier, if the couple’s birth charts don’t hold the potential for children, children are unlikely to be part of their relationship no matter when they get married (or indeed, engage in procreation activities).

Each area of our lives, as symbolised by the 12 houses in astrology, is ruled by a planet or “god”. For example, if your 10th house which symbolises your professional life and goals starts with the zodiac sign Aries, your career is said to be ruled by the planet Mars.

Now, each planet rotates around the Sun and travels through different zodiac signs. There are some signs that bring out the best and the worst of a planet. For example, Mars can be itself when it’s travelling through Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn. It doesn’t do too well when it’s travelling through Libra, Taurus and Cancer.

In the previous example, let’s say your career is ruled by Mars. If Mars is travelling through say Aries, it’s fair to say that it’s pretty happy and your career is likely to be doing well, unless there are other things that are happening to Mars and a lot of other stuff to consider (now, nobody said astrology is simple. If that’s the case, the whole world will be full of them!).

The question to me is, does the above represent reality? Why not find out yourself?


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