Mars Transiting in 6th – Waking up Early Daily

Mars hits the cusp of my 6th house on 26th December using Placidus house system. On 28th Dec, I woke up at 4am, unable to sleep. After tossing on the bed futilely for about 1.5 hour, I got out of bed and started plodding on astrology. From 29th Dec onwards, I woke up at 7+am everyday. This is a STARK contrast from the past month or so where I have been rather tardy and woke up much later (totally unacceptable!). It didn’t help that Jupiter was transiting in my 5th house as well. So the energies of pleasure intensified. 

What is interesting to me is that there is certainly a drive and energy to be busy and productive in daily life, especially when it comes to work routines. Even I’m more amenable to practising qi gong and tai chi for the past few days. Before then, practising them is a struggle. There’s certainly merit to astrology given that I “just” woke up at 7+am and kept working through the day. I’d better use this energy while it lasts!

Second thing that’s interesting to me is that the Martian energies in the 6th kicked in about 4 days later than the exact date of 26th December. Although you can argue that it has actually kicked in on the 28th, the day when I woke up at 4am. This goes to show that it’s best to give dates in terms of months when it comes to forecasting. For example, “You will experience an increased in energy and drive when it comes to your daily routine in (late) December. It’s a good time to xyz…”


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