To Comment or Not to?

I have written a piece involving a case in Ireland. I thought it might be helpful to share it with others to shed light on the matter. But I’m also aware of potential repercussions of doing so (e.g. getting sued for defamation or killed by some gangster) even though my intention is to be helpful. So, as usual, I consulted with I Ching. It came back with hexagram 6, moving lines 1st and 3rd, and transforming into hexagram 1.

Nowadays, I like to read Confucius’s interpretation of the hexagram. It’s quite visual which helps as I’m a visual person. I also focus quite a bit on the Chinese character of the hexagram as well. The ideograph can be very insight and paints another picture of the hexagram’s meaning.

Hexagram 6. Heavens above and water below. Both are moving in different directions. Heavens ascend while water descend. The different direction suggests parting of ways possibly of different agenda, aims and objectives. Confucius states “Heaven and Water move in opposite directions. There is contention. In correspondence with this, the superior person beings to make plans before he takes action.” Contention? There’s a very good point. What is contention? It may involve conflict with other people, disputes. According to the Chinese, no one really wins at the end of any contention (although the legal system has us think otherwise). Going the middle ground is the key to settling contentions.

Interestingly, hexagram 6 describes my concerns perfectly. I was concerned about the backlash I would expect to receive when I share my thoughts.

Heaven symbolises a strong and firm character while water symbolises a dangerous situation or having dangerous and mean intention. Put the two together, you get someone who’s going to push forward despite danger. Or at worst, it can represent a criminal (the commentary that I thought of sharing involves someone who’s in the gaol).

Most interestingly, the Chinese character for hexagram 6 comprises two parts: the left side indicating speech while the right side symbolising in public, justice (this is where my years of learning Mandarin helps!). That’s exactly what I’m thinking of doing, isn’t it? Airing my views in the public. Which may bring justice to the protagonist… Very dangerous stuff, as symbolised by water.



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