Will there be a Divorce?

Moon is on the 1st. The querent is feeling emotional regarding her hopes. Or a friend is with her now. I don’t look at quincunxes but the Moon is in the same degree as Sun, which is a natural significator for men in general. There’s a sense of letting go. In fact, the querent asked “Will my husband ever go?” The answer seems yes, based on the foregoing. But, as I have said, I don’t consider quincunxes. Let’s plod on.

Uranus sits on the 4th. Tension, frustration, separation and divorce that’s in the private and at home.

Mercury represents the querent, along with the Moon. Mercury is with Mars. Is there a bold, sexual, aggressive man in the picture? Mercury is in the 6th, a cadent house, this suggests that the woman feels helpless and she can’t control the outcome. If there’s an affair, the husband might not know of it since it’s in his turned 12th, the house of the hidden. Mercury and Mars are in the 6th, suggesting an office romance.

The strange thing is that Jupiter, the significator of the husband, is next to Saturn. It looks like two can play the game! It’s likely that the husband had his affair first before the querent as Jupiter separated from Saturn versus Mercury approaching Mars. Hmmm, the husband and his lover are in the querent’s 2nd house. Could they be sponging or leaching off the querent?

Mercury last separated from a square to Chiron in the 9th or turned 3rd. There’s some hurt and wounding involved, maybe hurtful words from the husband. Before that, it conjunct with South Node on the 6-12th axis of victimisation and self-undoing.

Looking at the ephemeris, Jupiter is stationing and turning retrograde in a few days time and eventually catch up with Saturn in February 1981. The querent actually asked “Will my husband ever go?” The answer seems to be yes.


Let’s see how this whole thing plays out. Moon sextiles Jupiter and Saturn, trines Venus in 5th, squares Neptune in 4th, sextile Pluto in 3rd before finally sextile Uranus on 4th. This is back to where we have started in the beginning. It looks like there will be a divorce in the end.


Moon signifies change. Change on the Ascendant suggests change is at hand.

Venus in the 5th doesn’t represent the querent’s love interest, which is signified by Mars. Venus suggests a sweetheart. As it’s in the 5th house, it’s actually the querent’s daughter.

Uranus may mean divorce all right. However, given that it’s Uranus on 4th, it could also mean a radical change in the home situation. As Uranus is diposed by Mars, I wonder whether the querent’s love interest at home helped in the reorganisation of the home situation.

Jupiter and Saturn are slow moving planets. They will be spending some time on the querent’s 2nd house. This suggests that they are in no hurry to stop using the querent’s resources.


will there be a divorce
Based on Olivia Barclay’s Horary Astrology Rediscovered

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