Will Anything Come of this Affair?

Mars sits on the 4th. Anger that’s can’t be expressed or sexual urge that is restraint by Saturn conjuncting Mars. Anger, drive, action towards the future and romance, pleasure as Mars rules the 10th and 5th. 

The querent, the Sun, is in Aquarius which makes it debilitated and in the 8th. She’s unhappy and suffering and feel weak and unable to control the situation. A change is looming though when Sun moves to Pisces. Sun is within orbs with Pluto in 4th and Neptune in 5th. There’s deceit, illusion, self-deception relating to romance. There’s huge changes, usually painful and feels like a struggle, taking place at home.

Sun and Saturn – there’s no applying aspect by the Sun to Saturn

Moon and Saturn – Moon is going to make an applying sextile to Saturn! But it is frustrated from doing by Mars, which is the sticking point as described earlier. Mars could also represent the lover’s turned 4th and turned 11th. Maybe the lover is unwilling to give up his home and aspirations. Besides, Saturn is in mutual reception with Venus by sign where Venus could represent the wife.


will anything come of this affair horary

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