What’s the Future of my Marriage?

A husband asks about his marriage. 


Firstly, Neptune and Jupiter sits on the 7th. I don’t like Neptune as it suggests deception, illusion, confusion, discontent. Neptune is disposed by Saturn in 5th or turned 11th. Maybe a romance with a hot-blooded sexual male as Saturn, significator of the wife, conjuncts Mars so tightly. It’s almost as if they are having intercourse.

I’m puzzled by the debilited Jupiter. My “method” doesn’t consider the rulership of intercepted houses (but, if I do consider them, Jupiter rules turned 4th and 12th. So, the romantic liaison took place secretly at home).  Jupiter represents restricted opportunities, luck. I suppose when you combine Jupiter and Neptune. There’s plenty of deceit and delusion.

The debilitated Sun conjuncts the 10th or turned 4th. There’s illumination of words, contracts, communication. Justice and fairness to the home situation. The wife practically controls everything – her own money, home, communications.


Moon and Saturn – Moon just separated from a square to Pluto in 5th. Something was uncovered, emotional turmoil. Moon next applies to an opposition to Mercury in 9th. Maybe a legal notice served by solicitor. Or simply the wife talking to him. A communication that is not welcomed. Moon then applies to Uranus by trine. A quick and amicable separation.


what is the future of my marriage horary
Based on Olivia Barclay’s Horary Astrology Rediscovered

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