Shall we Stay Together or Split Up?

Mercury in detriment is on the 10th. I wonder what news/communication/contract took place? Mercury rules 4th and 5th and disposes Chiron on the 4th. Home, children, romance are involved in the message. There is a wound or hurt involving home. 

Saturn and Sun are so close to each other that they are nearly in cazimi. Of course, they are currently together, almost inseparable.

The Moon just separated from an opposition to Mercury and applies to Uranus by opposition next. Uranus is the modern significator of divorce and separation. So, it seems that they will split up because of the new/communications regarding home or what is private or the father or the partner’s profession (turned 4th).

What if we disregards the use of modern planets? The Moon does not make an aspect until at about 27 degrees when it meets Venus. That’s after 19 degrees or so. I don’t have the definition of void of course with me now. But it certainly sounds as if the Moon has gone void of course. It’s best to ask the querent what is his/her option of his/her heart. If it is to stay together, which seems more likely given the Sun-Saturn placement, nothing will come out of it i.e. they split up.


shall we stay together or split up

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