Will I Get Divorced?

Moon applies to Pluto by sextile, conjuncts Neptune. It is besieged as it’s between Uranus and Neptune. There’s death, obsession, a powerful/controlling friend. Then a loss, delusion, self-deception perhaps involving finances. 

Mars is in Libra. Bad shape. Can’t act, get after what she wants. It is in station. She’s in a limbo. Standstill. Can’t act even though it has the ability to act – Mars is angular. Mars squares Uranus, conjunct Saturn and then Pluto, squares Neptune. Note that the first aspect made by Mars is to Uranus which is the modern significator of divorce. Even if we disregard modern planets, Saturn is next which is the traditional ruler of divorce.

So, yes, she will get a divorce.


My judgment is incorrect. The querent did not get divorced. My bad but what a great learning opportunity! According to Appleby, the no-divorce is probably due to the mutual reception between Venus and Mars. It’s fascinating that a mutual reception can “teflon-proof” the marriage.

Mutual reception between two planets that are debilitated shows that both planets are vulnerable and in great danger. But each is protected by the knowledge of the other’s vulnerability which increases their chances of survival. Both must be willing to cooperate or realise the penalty of the fall. It stands to reason that the querent and her husband know that each can’t do without the other and it’s to each’s benefit that the marriage continues. Hence, it’s unlikely that there would be a divorce.


will I get divorced horary
Based on Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrology


“18 months later no divorce had occurred and the crisis which provoked the question seemed to have passed.”

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