Will We Get Married?

Sun and Saturn – Sun conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Pluto before squaring Saturn. Doesn’t look good. Sun has to go through two modern malefics before it reaches Saturn. Even if we disregard Pluto and Saturn, Sun applies to Saturn by square. There’s lots of effort and challenges involved. Saturn doesn’t receive the Sun in any reception too. It’s unlikely the matter will come to pass. What about Moon and Saturn?

Moon and Saturn – Moon squares Neptune, sextiles Uranus before conjunct Saturn. Two modern malefic getting in the way again. Even if we don’t consider them, Saturn the quesited doesn’t receive Moon the qurent by any reception. So, it’s no go for the marriage.

Sun/Moon and cusp of 7th – Neither the Sun and Moon applies to the Descendant. No go.

Other Thoughts

Sun conjuncts Neptune in 5th – They are very close together. The querent is deluded or deceiving himself, under some illusion because of romance, fun together and/or sex. Sun rules the 2nd. Finances are involved.

Moon is in the 2nd and rules the 12th. He has a concern with finances which he feels trapped in or has hidden wealth (!). Or he has hidden money problems which he thinks might be solved by marriage. His partner’s money is ruled by Saturn too, which the querent is seeking to apply towards.
It seems like the querent has other hidden agenda. Moon is within orb of Jupiter, Mars and Chiron. Jupiter – the querent had sought legal advice, consulted a lawyer or counsellor or went overseas recently.

Mars rules the 10th and 5th. Social status and pleasure are another concern of the querent. Perhaps the querent believes that he has access to money which can elevate his social position and indulge in the world pleasures from the marriage.

The Sun is the faster of the two. The querent is the fonder one of the two and naturally is the bearer of the question.

will we get married horary
Based on Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrology


Unfortunately, no.

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