Never, Never, Never Give Up

perseverance failure success

七転び八起き / nanakorobi yaoki

Fall down seven times, get up 8 times

Daruma, a Japanese Doll, that’s associated with perseverance and never giving up. The tradition is set yourself a goal or resolution and draw in the left eye as a reminder of what you want to achieve. Imagine if you only had one eye, you would be very focused on where you set your sights on. So it is with life, focus on your goal with a laser beam concentration.

Once you have succeeded in realising your goal, fill in the right eye. Voila!

You don’t necessarily have to get a real doll or keychain or something especially if you are on a budget. You could always print yourself a daruma on paper, write down your goal on the other side and carry out the ritual above.

P.S.: Daruma reminds me of a bop bag or 不倒翁 that my parents got for me when I was a child. No matter how much I punched or hit it, it always bounces back up. On hindsight, that’s a very valuable message for me. If you fail, no matter. Try again.

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